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Emmet & Jacque Scott

Hailing from the “Biggest Little City in the World” of Reno, Nevada, Emmet Scott found himself relocating to the east coast after valiantly serving our country in the Vietnam War. The young veteran, in search of a profession to provide for his family, decided to dive headfirst into the business of window cleaning. Although he could provide quality service to many of his local neighbors and friends, he lacked the important ability to market and scale his business to grow the Sunbird brand. He then met Jacque Scott, a local sales mogul, whom was thriving in the business of sales for Xerox. Together they were unstoppable, and Sunbird Window Cleaning was servicing the entire RDU and more within 10 years of hard work and devotion. Today, Sunbird has been in business for almost 35 years and services clients extending from Wilson to Fuquay Varina, NC and everything in between. In 2017, Emmett passed on the Sunbird name to his right-hand man, Martin. The Scotts enjoy a quiet life in their local home in the Leesville area but are still undeniably recognized as Papa Sunbird and the Sunbird Queen.


Martin & Matt Morales

Hailing from one of the smallest countries in South America, the father and son team of Martin and Matt found themselves relocating from Uruguay to the United States. They arrived at the “Land of Opportunity” with only one goal in mind, to survive and later thrive. Martin worked in any job he could find to provide for his family before meeting Emmett in 2012. Matt grew up in the American educational system and graduated high school as well as getting an Associate’s in Science at Wake Technical Community College. Martin raised Matt in the art of window cleaning from the age of 14 and together they worked, sometimes even for free, to prove their commitment to the Sunbird name. In 2017, Emmett passed on the ownership of Sunbird Window Cleaning to Martin and Matt and they continue to work together to expand their reach. Today, Sunbird not only cleans windows but offers a plethora of services for both residential and commercial clients. Sunbird Window Cleaning, LLC now offers commercial power washing services and residential soft washing services as well as many general home maintenance services. Give Sunbird a call today to receive 25% off your initial estimate price and join the Sunbird Family!

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