Disinfectant for Coronavirus!!

Sunbird Window Cleaning is now offering disinfectant treatments to rid
your restaurant or gym from Coronavirus!!

What We Use:

MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus (MDSP) is a water-based bactericide,
fungicide, deodorizer, and antimicrobial all in one! No Insecticides!

One application kills allergy and disease causing germs, fungi, mold, andmildew. MDSP also provides long-lasting residual protection, so it keeps working, preventing germs and fungi from growing on surfaces long after application.

MDSP is EPA registered for many decontamination applications, including
water damage restoration, sewage backups, removal of carcasses, toilet overflow situations, and more!

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MDSP vs Bleach

Bleach is quite caustic and irritating. MDSP has a neutral pH and is noncorrosive.

Bleach can corrode metals and damage fiber dyes, MDSP does not!

Bleach does not provide residual protection beyond initial application. MDSP has both bacteriostatic and fungistatic capability.

Bleach leaves significant amounts of residue that can be difficult to remove. MDSP has minimal residue.

Bleach is unstable and can easily emit toxic fumes

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